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Chemours™Titanium Technologies is the world’s largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide products. We are dedicated to providing value for our customers, who subsequently supply the world with coatings, plastics, laminate and paper products. We deliver industry-leading innovation that addresses the growing worldwide demand for high quality titanium dioxide by working to create brighter, more efficient pigments. Even beyond the products we deliver, we also strive to be a partner that enables the development of sustainable solutions to customer challenges, further enhancing their business performance.

In addition to being known as a leader in safety and ethics within the TiO2 industry for over 80 years, Chemours™Titanium Technologies is a technological innovator. Since the invention and implementation of the chloride manufacturing process in the 1950’s, consistent advancement in Chemours™Ti-Pure® TiO2 pigment design has expanded its quality and utility across the numerous applications in which it is a component. Fostering innovation to improve the quality of our customers’ experience as well as our products has always been a critical component of our success, and will continue to do so as we build upon our 80+ years of expertise.

Coating Applications

Chemours™has been a pioneer in titanium dioxide technology for the coatings industry and ranks 1st among titanium dioxide manufacturers in product quality, customer service, and production capacity.

The goal of our business is to utilize the breadth of capabilities and depth of knowledge intrinsic to Chemours™to enable our customers to be more successful.

By doing so Chemours™Titanium Technologies provides creative & comprehensive solutions tailored to improve customers' product & business performance.

Plastic Applications

Plastics - our world and lifestyle would be quite different today without the development and evolution of the plastics industry.Since the 1950's Chemours™Titanium Technologies has been dedicated to providing the plastics industry with products and services that solve your color, opacity and weatherability design issues.

As the plastics industry has evolved over this time our portfolio of TiO2products has grown to meet your changing needs.

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