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Ti-Pure® R-105 is a maximum-durability grade of titanium dioxide recommended for all applications that require extended outdoor service life. Ti-Pure® R-105 is a rutile TiO2 pigment manufactured by the chloride process, which produces bright TiO2 with excellent opacity. The high opacity strength and neutral undertone of Ti-Pure® R-105 provides the best flexibility in matching existing color tint formulas, and produces clean, bright color.

Ti-Pure® R-105 Titanium Dioxide offers:

  • Superior weather resistance
  • Outstanding properties in molding and extrusion resins
  • Excellent opacity and neutral undertone
  • Very high dispersibility in plasticized vinyl, plasticizers, and liquids
  • Flocculation resistance
  • Good gloss retention
  • Resistance to chromaphore formation

Applications where Ti-Pure® R-105 Titanium Dioxide is of particular value are:

  • Injection molding, blow molding, and blown film of polyethylene or polypropylene
  • Rigid interior, flexible, and plastisol PVC, as well as PVC used for composite and sheet flooring
  • Lead-stabilized PVC systems and nonchalking exterior PVC
  • Durable exterior polyethylene or polypropylene

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