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It didn't take much to realize that TeflonĀ® nonstick coatings are so versatile that we could put them on more than just cookware and muffin tins.

We offer a variety of Teflon coating solution for Small Electrical:-

American Heritage Black

  1. 464G-01190 Primer Black
  2. 464G-01300 Topcoat Clear

American Heritage Golden

  1. 464G-01170 Primer Gold
  2. 464G-01370 Topcoat Gold

Classic Black

  1. 459G-12190 Primer Black
  2. 455G-12392 Topcoat SP Black

Classic Grey

  1. 850G-321 Primer Grey
  2. 851G-9221 Topcoat Grey

Chapatti Grade Black

  1. 464G-01192 Primer Black
  2. 464G-01392 Topcoat SP Black

Teflon® coatings are majorly used for

  1. Irons
  2. Toasters
  3. Electric cookers
  4. Roti makers

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